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Best Budget Electric Cars in India Under 5 lakhs: Price, Features, Range

Image of three electric cars in India under 5 lakhs

There is an ongoing wave of the electric vehicle revolution in the Indian Automotive sector, evidenced by the exponential rise in the sales of electric cars in FY 2023-2024 with total EV registrations of 113,876 units in February 2024, according to the Vahan dashboard. Because of the increasing demand for electric vehicles and supportive government policies, several manufacturers have launched affordable electric cars in India under 5 lakhs available to buy in 2024.

Electric cars are a cleaner mode of transportation offering financial and environmental benefits offering negligible maintenance. Government subsidies and policies have made electric cars affordable in India. However, finding an electric car in India under 5 lakhs is challenging because of the high cost of batteries, which adds to the overall manufacturing cost, hence limited options.


In this article, we have listed the best electric cars in India under 5 Lakhs, along with their price, range, battery capacity, power, charging time features, and specifications along with a comparison table of all budget electric cars in India. We have also included a buying guide to consider while buying an affordable and budget electric car in India.

Best Electric Cars in India under 5 lakhs

EV Manufacturers in India have started rolling out several EV cars in India under 5 lakhs considering the current consumer trend of affordable electric cars in India.

Here is a list of electric cars in India under 5 lakhs along with a comparison of their key features:

ModelPriceBattery CapacityRangePower
Strom Motors R3Rs 4.50 Lakh6 kWh200 km20.4 PS
Tata Nano EVRs 4 Lakh7 kWh170 km24 HP
PMV EaS ERs 4.79 Lakh48V Lead Acid200 km13.5 PS
Mahindra Reva iRs 3.76 Lakh48V, 200AH Lead Acid80 km17.4 HP
Comparison table of electric cars in India under 5 lakhs

1. Strom Motors R3

Image of strom motors R3 electric cars in India under 5 lakhs
Strom Motors R3 electric car in India under 5 lakhs

Here are some key specifications of Strom Motors R3:

Key SpecificationsMetrics
PriceRs 4.50 Lakh
Battery6 kWh
Range200 km
Power20.4 PS
Charging time3 hours
Top Speed80 kmph
Body TypeHatchback
Seating Capacity2
Compatible chargerAC 22 kWH, 3.3kWH
Key specifications of Strom Motors 3

Strom Motors R3 is one of the most talked about electric hatchbacks that is made in India and made for short urban rides The Strom Motors R3 is a personal mobility vehicle with two doors, fits two people, and has a cute boxy design. It comes in four color options: Red, White, Blue, and Silver.

Key features of the Strom Motors R3:

  • 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system.
  • Anti-theft GPS tracking system.
  • Voice commands, and Keyless entry

Specs-wise, the Strom R3 gets a 15kW motor that generates power of 20.4PS and a torque of 90Nm offering a top speed of 80kmph. The 6 kWh battery gets fully charged in 3 hours offering a driving range of 200 km in a full charge.

Test: On the road, the Strom Motor R3 provides swift acceleration and a great driving experience, especially for short urban travel around the city at an affordable price.

Strom R3 latest update: Strom Motors has opened the booking window for the 2024 session.

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2. Tata Nano Electric

Image of grey Tata Nano EV upcoming electric car in India under 5 lakhs
Tata Nano EV Car under 5 lakhs in India

Here are some key specifications of Tata Nano EV:

Key SpecificationsMetrics
PriceRs 4 Lakh
Battery7 kWh
Range170 km
Power24 HP
Charging time4 hours
Top Speed65 kmph
Body TypeHatchback
Seating Capacity4
Compatible charger22kW AC
Key specifications of Tata Nano Electric

Tata Motors collaborated with Jayem Automotives to develop an EV version of the popular Tata Nano under the name Jayem Neo. Tata Nano EV is the cheapest electric car in India under the 5 lakhs segment that combines practicality and comfort to bring forward a versatile electric car for the Indian market. Nano EV was initially made for Ola’s electric fleet in 2020, but now it is available for everyone. Upon the launch, it is expected to rival the MG Air EV.

Key features of Tata Nano Electric (Jayem Neo):

  • 7-inch touchscreen display and digital instrument cluster.
  • Dual front airbags, parking sensors, and ABS.
  • USB ports for connectivity with ambient lights.

Specs-wise the Nano EV is based on the X3 platform to support the electric powertrain. It has a 72V induction motor that produces a max power of 24HP and a torque of 85 Nm. The 7kWh battery gets fully charged in 4 hours offering a range of 170 km.

Test: We tested the Tata Nano electric in the Auto EV Expo 2023 and loved its minimal interior and powerful performance considering the price point.

3. PMV EaS E

Image of red PMV EaS E electric car in India under 5 lakh
PMV EaS E electric car in India under 5 lakh

Here are some key specifications of PMV EaS E:

Key SpecificationsMetrics
PriceRs 4.79 lakh
Battery48V Lead Acid
Range140 km
Power13.5 PS
Charging time4.5 hours
Top Speed60 kmph
Body TypeHatchback
Seating Capacity4
Compatible charger3.3kW AC
Key specifications of PMV EaS E

PMV EaS E is the most popular and affordable two-door micro-electric car in India. It is manufactured by the Indian Startup PMV Electric to address the issue of growing environmental problems and the affordability of electric cars in India. PMV EasE is a practical electric car for the daily urban commute.

Key features of PMV EaS E:

  • Dual Airbags, parking camera, and Anti-theft sensors.
  • Auto AC, Remote Door Lock/Unlock.
  • Bluetooth infotainment screen, digital driver’s display.

Specs-wise, The EaS E is built on PMV’s electric power train with a single motor that generates a maximum power of 13.6 PS and a torque of 50Nm. The torque is instant and gives a thrilling experience for first-time EV owners. The 48V lead Acid battery gets fully charged in 4.5 hours which offers a maximum range of 200 km.

4. Mahindra Reva i

Image of Mahindra Reva R1 electric car in India under 10 lakhs
Mahindra Reva i electric car in India under 10 lakhs

Here are some key specifications of Mahindra Reva i:

Key SpecificationsMetrics
PriceRs 3.76 lakh
Range80 km
Power17.4 HP
Charging time4.5 hours
Top Speed80 kmph
Body TypeHatchback
Seating Capacity2
Compatible charger22 kWh AC, 3.3 kWh AC
Key specifications of Mahindra Reva i

Mahindra Reva is India’s first micro-electric car, launched way back in 2002. It is power-packed with hi-tech features and safety ratings. Though the model has been discontinued by the manufacturer, the Mahindra Reva i is available across various second-hand electric car markets. The Reva i is a perfect 2-door, 2-seater electric hatchback for the Indian market.

Key features of Mahindra Reva i:

  • Bluetooth Infotainment system, digital driver’s display.
  • Power Steering, Adjustable Seats.
  • USB ports for charging.

Specs-wise, the Mahindra Reva i has an electric motor that generates 17.4 HP of power and a torque of 52Nm. It has a top speed of 80kmph. It comes with a 48V, 200AH Lead Acid battery and takes around 4.5 hours to get fully charged, offering a driving range of 80 km.

Electric Car Buying Guide: Things to consider

Buying an electric car for the first time can be confusing and one needs to consider several factors related to specifications and the EV ecosystem. Here are some of the things to consider while buying an electric car:

1. Range

Consider buying an electric car with a range that meets your daily travel needs. Consider factors such as average travel distance, availability of charging infrastructure, and the fast charging option.

2. Battery Capacity

A larger battery pack delivers a higher driving range while it has a higher cost. It is important to consider a balance between the range and cost of the electric car.

3. Charging Infrastructure

Do proper research on the charging infrastructure in your area. Look for an electric car that supports multiple charging options, including standard AC charging at home as well as public DC fast charging. Check if there are public charging stations nearby or if you can Set up a Level 2 EV Charger at your residence or workplace to keep your vehicle charged.

4. Performance and Power

Don’t compromise on performance when purchasing an electric car. Electric vehicles typically deliver instant torque, providing quick acceleration in no time. Consider factors such as horsepower, torque, and the vehicle’s ability to handle varied road conditions and terrains.

5. Safety Features

Ensure that the electric car’s manufacturer prioritizes safety. Look for features like ABS multiple airbags, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like collision warnings, and lane departure warnings. These features in a car contribute to a safer driving experience.

6. Maintenance and Warranty

Look closely at the warranty coverage provided by the electric car’s manufacturer. Research the warranty coverage for the vehicle’s battery pack, motor, and other important and expensive components. Also, make sure these spare components are available at the brand’s local outlet.

Benefits of Electric Cars over ICE:

Electric cars offer several benefits over traditional ICE fuel cars. Here are some of the benefits of electric cars:

  • Environmental Benefits: Electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and enhancing climate index.
  • Low operational cost: Electric cars have lower operating costs due to cheaper electricity and minimal monthly/annual maintenance costs compared to ICE cars.
  • Energy efficiency: Electric vehicles convert a higher percentage of battery energy into power, resulting in greater range and reduced energy consumption.
  • Better performance: EVs offer Instant torque which provides smooth acceleration, and quiet operations.
  • Government incentives: The Indian government offers several incentives and subsidies under serval EV policies, making them more affordable for consumers. Currently, under FAME II subsidy electric car buyers receive a subsidy of Rs 15,000 per kW of the overall battery capacity.
  • Charging Infrastructure: EV charging infrastructure is rapidly growing in India with over 3,574 DC fast charging stations across major highways, making it easier to plan long trips with EVs.


Since EV technology is emerging every day, more and more electric vehicles are being introduced into the Indian market. Aided by supportive government policies and subsidies, EV manufacturers have introduced a lineup of affordable electric cars under 5 lakhs in India such as Strom Motors R3, Tata Nano electric, PMV EaS E, and Mahindra Reva i.


Which is the most affordable electric car in India?

The Strom Motors R3 holds the title of being the most affordable electric car in India, with an attractive price tag of around ₹4.5 lakhs.

Which is the cheapest two-door micro-electric car in India?

The PMV EaS E is the most popular and affordable two-door micro electric car in India, priced at around ₹4.79 lakhs.

What electric cars are available in India under 5 lakhs?

Several electric car options are available under 5 lakhs in India, including the Strom Motors R3, PMV EaS E, Tata Nano EV (2024 launch). These electric cars offer a range between 120-200 km on a single charge, making them suitable for short urban travel.

Are electric cars under 5 lakhs good?

Electric cars under 5 lakhs are a great option for budget-minded individuals who travel short distances. They offer eco-friendly rides with low running costs. However, their range might be limited due to smaller battery packs.

What are the government subsidies for electric cars in India?

The Indian government offers various subsidies for EVs under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) scheme to promote electric vehicle adoption. These subsidies can significantly reduce the upfront cost of buying an electric car, making EVs more affordable in India.

Which is the cheapest EV car in India?

The Strom Motors R3 is the cheapest EV car in India, with a base price of around ₹4.5 lakhs. It has a battery pack of 6 kWh and offers range of 200 km on a single charge.

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