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Largest electric vehicles hub in India. Locate the nearest electric car charging station in India, electric car charging card & latest information from the electric vehicle sector in India.

electric vehicles in india with an app showing the nearby electric car charging station

Electric Vehicle ecosystem.


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Ecogears is the most advanced electric vehicle platform in India with a team of dedicated EV lovers ready to share their responsibility towards the environment. EVs are here, and they are here to stay and dominate.

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Charge Card


Electric Vehicle Charge Card

India’s first electric vehicle charge card, for charging your electric vehicles. Scan the QR code at the back of your card for nearby electric car chargers.

> Unlock

Swipe card across EV chargers to

start charging.

> Scan

Scan QR code to search nearby EV


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Chargers nearby


Electric Car Charging Map

Find the nearby electric car charging stations in India with a single tap. Ecogears maintains the largest electric vehicle charging stations network in india.

> Nearby chargers

Scan around for nearby EV


> Add to Map

Add your EV charger to ecomap’s


electric car charging station nearby in india
electric car charging system in india


Join the Electric revolution

Join the future of mobility with hybrid electric vehicles. Electric cars of India are representing the global electric ecosystem.

electric vehicles in india

EVs in India

Micro-mobility in India has started along with the widespread popularity of electric rickshaws and new electric bikes. India is in the initial stage of the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem. We are on a journey experiencing the transition from fossil-fueled cars to modern electric vehicles in India.

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electric vehicle charging station from ecogears


Find the nearest electric vehicle charging station in India

scan & pay

Scan the RFID card at EV charging staions to start charging and pay

For developers

Open source API for electric vehicle developers and startups to customize vehicles and processes

virtual customer support

24x7 virtual customer support and on road assistance for EVs in India