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EV Charging Station Application form

Fill out this application form to set up an electric vehicle charging station in India. We will assist you every way possible to install an EV charger with maximum revenue potential.

Types of EV Chargers

Level 1 EV Charger

Image of Level 1 Electric vehicle charger
Voltage: 120V
Output: 1.8kW
Charging Time: 5-6 Hours

Level 2 EV Charger

Image of Level 2 electric vehicle charger
Voltage: 240V
Output: 3.3-22 kW
Charging Time: 3-5 Hours

Level 3 EV Charger

Image of Level 3 electric vehicle charger
Voltage: >480V
Output: 30-240 kW
Charging Time: 45 Minutes
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Image of the different types of electric vehicle charging stations with level 1, level 2, and level 3 ev chargers

EV Charging Stations India

Ecogears is one of the leading players in developing the electric vehicle charging station ecosystem in India.

We are trying to make Electric Car Charging station set up a hassle free process for everyone. At Ecogears, we are building a nationwide robust network of AC/DC electric vehicle charging stations. EV owners can locate and navigate to our nearest EV charging station by using ecomaps- a nationwide database of verified EV chargers.

Ecogears offers complete one-stop EV charging station solutions including Charger hardware and EV charging station management software.

Location for Installation

Public EV Charging Stations

Ecogears assists you to set up EV charging station at any public and commercial space in a hassle-free manner. Ecogears helps to monetize your open space Infront of stores or basement parking of hospitals and malls by setting up a ultrafast EV chargers. Setting up an electric car charging station in your business premises will highlight the environment consciousness of your organizations. Lets have a look at some of the potential locations for commercial EV charger installation:

EV Charging Stations in Hotels and Shopping Malls

Providing EV charging stations as amenity in hotels and shopping malls increases the customer footfall of EV driving customers. Do you want to install EV charging station for customers vising your shopping malls or hotels? We provide complete charging solutions your customers are looking for. Talk to our experts to find the perfect customized solution for your commercial space.
Image of EV charging station in the basement of shopping mall and hotel
Image of a EV charging station outside office and hospital building

EV Charging Station for Offices and Hospitals

Is your company willing to go green by switching over to EVs? We can help you achieve your green goals by providing reliable EV charger hardware along with complete station management software solutions. Monetize your basement parking by offering EV charging as an amenity.

EV Charging Stations for Electric Vehicle Fleets

Do you manage a company of electric car fleets for rental and other services? We have complete hardware to software solutions to electrify your green mobility business with our deep expertise in the domain. Whether you own a fleet of electric cars, scooters, bikes, or three-wheelers, we got you covered. Get in touch with our experts to understand how we simplify your charging segment of your business.

Image of a EV Charging Station in a fleet of electric car company
Image of a electric vehicle charging station outside home and housing society

EV Charging Station for Homes and Housing Complex

Do you want to offer EV charging services as an amenity in housing societies? or Do you want to set up EV charging station at home? we provide complete solutions to setup EV charging stations at residential spaces. Get in touch with our experts to discuss and understand the financial model and installation procedure.

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Electrify with Ecogears


One can find electric vehicle charging station with the help of ecomap charging network, which has the Largest network of electric vehicle chargers in India.

It takes around 45 – 55  minutes to charge an electric car in public EV charging station. However, the time to charge depends on the type of charger, output power of the charger, SOC (state of charging) and temperature parameters like battery temperature and charger temperature.

Cost to charge an electric car is Rs 19 per kW in public charging stations. However, the cost depends on the price of input electricity and service charges like EV infrastructure, charging equipment cost, maintenance cost and security.

Not all electric vehicles can be charged from one EV charging station. Electric cars can be charged from DC Fast charging stations with CCS2 connector where as electric scooters need a 16A socket to recharge their battery.

EV charging stations can be applied by filling out the application form over CPO websites. Once applied, it takes around 45 days to get the site inspection done and charger to arrive. 

EV charging station makes around 40-55 thousand monthly under ideal conditions. The profit from an charging station depends on the location of installation and the per kW charging cost.