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Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity

Our goal is to provide you with the most research-based, accurate information on the electric vehicle sector of India. We maintain this by having a diverse and learned team of researchers and advisors who go in-depth and verify any piece of information before publishing it online.

Our primary goal is to offer unbiased and proofread information on electric vehicles to help you make a better choice. Any doubts and clarifications on the provided information can be resolved by asking questions in the comment section below each article and news.

Ecogears Team Integrity

Ecogears is not associated with or funded by any company related to electric vehicles. All content available on our website is written and verified by the Ecogears team.

None of our team members are directly or indirectly benefiting from any other organization which may bias our opinions. All team members have signed an agreement confirming the same while enrolling for their positions at ecogears.

Know more about us and our team here: About us

Content Creation Process

All content published on Ecogears goes through a series of experts to ensure that the information provided is accurate and well-researched.

Here is how we generate content for Ecogears:

  1. The content Head, Strategist, and advisors collaborate to create content outlines on the topic at hand.
  2. Researchers dig deeper into the topic, proofread, and create a well-researched content draft.
  3. The article is written by a content writer under the guidance of the content writing head.
  4. The article is reviewed by topical experts and content heads.
  5. The article is published online.

Even after uploading, all the articles are regularly updated as per the latest information and changes if any.


Ecogears use standard Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate program as a means of revenue generation. Google ads are shown based on the interest of users and in no way harms your reading experience.

All product reviews are unbiased and are written after rigorously testing them in-house. We independently review and list products that seem good to us and link them to the store for minimal commission, if you purchase through our links. You will not be charged anything extra if you buy through our links.

Content Corrections

Ecogears always welcomes corrections and suggestions if readers find any mistake in our content. We immediately correct and update any concerns brought to our knowledge by our readers. Correction may include new information that was not available while publishing the content, minor numerical errors, or any other form of information inaccuracy.

If you have found anything that is outdated or incorrect, please contact us here. Our Primary goal is to become the most updated and reliable source of information and news on electric vehicles in India.