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Electric Ecosystem.

If it’s not electric, It doesn’t appears on ecogears electric

Ecogears, created with a vision of providing information and groundbreaking news in the electric vehicle sector in India and abroad, to examine the why, what, and how of electric vehicles India.

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Electric Scooter


The name itself – ‘ecogears’ suggests the Electric Commute Gears in an electric ecosystem to fight the global issue of vehicular pollution and an honest approach towards sustainability.

Ecogears ventured with CD ecorides to offer seamless city ride ‘ Ecopods’ by the end of 2022. 

The Team

electric vehicle podcast in India host abhishek gautam

Abhishek Gautam


Seema Sharmah

Content Head

Himalaya Dhungel

Chief Technical officer (CTO)

Along with a team of 18 content writers and editors

Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Consulting the major infrastructural barrier to EV adoption.

Ecogears connects you to the right electric vehicle charging station provider to make the electric car charging station installation process hassle-free. Open an electric car charging station in India and grab the best electric car charging station business opportunity in India

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Ecogears for electric vehicle startups.

Ecogears is always up for collaboration with top electric vehicle startups from India. To form a community of electric ecosystem so the startups from different zones can connect, Learn & Grow with help from each other. The list of electric vehicle startups and the fundings for electric vehicle startups are discussed here.

community of electric vehicle startup and electric car enthusiasts

What we do?

Our effort to open up a new experience to electric vehicle enthusiasts and prospective

buyers with exclusive news reports, video walkthroughs & reviews as well as 

interviews in India and the global EV sector.

Insights on top electric vehicle companies from India. Along with daily updates on 

electric vehicle stocks in India and future of electric vehicles in India.

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