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Electric Car Charging Card


Ecopass gives access to the ecomap network, the largest electric car charging network in India. 

By swiping the electric car charge card India, one can charge and monitor their electric vehicles in 5000+ charging stations.

electric car charging card india

Seamless Cross-platform access

Ecopass – Electric Vehicle charge card.

  • Access to more than 2000 EV charging points in India.
  • Nearby charger locator.
  • Fair electric car charging rates.
  • Unique RFID scanner.
  • All kinds of electric vehicles chargers.
  • 24X7 EV helpdesk in India.
electric car charging card India 1

Now never worry about charging your EVs

ev charging card india


Add them together, Multiply their power

How it works ?

electric car charging card India 2


  1. Search for nearby chargers by scanning QR at the back of the card.
  2. Plugin the charging cable in the socket of the electric car.
  3. Swipe your EV charge card in the RFID reader. Car charging will start, the cable will be locked for your safety.
  4. Is your EV charged? Swipe the card again to unlock the cable, the charging session will end.
electric vehicle charging station nearby in India

ecomap – EV chargers nearby

Find public EV charge points in India and get real-time information including availability, charging speed and EV charging rates. 

With ecomap you can travel hassle free in India with your best electric car and plan weekend trips. The EV map shows electric vehicle charging stations with credit card in India. 

The electric vehicle charging app gives you access to hundreds of EV chargers in electric car charge card India.

See the map here

Charging Cost

Public Charging Cost in India

The charging costs for public charge points in India vary. We colab with many different charge point operators to grow and maintain our charging network. To be able to offer you a seamless EV charging experience throughout the entire network. Ecopass electric vehicle charging card in India charges your Indian EVs in Rs 4-5/kWh.
Just scan the RFID card in the electric vehicle charging stations in India to enjoy hassle free EV charging.

electric car charging cost in India

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Frequently asked questions

Ecopass card is a electric vehicle charging card in India to access more than 2000 electric car chargers in India. ecogears as termed is Electric Commute Gears.

Ecopass card can be applied by filling out the form after clicking apply now button in the ecogears card page. APPLY HERE

Alternatively you can call the helpline to pitch in the details, and we will deliver you the card card to your home address.

A number of Indian states have issued policies stating electric vehicle charging costs in India which varies from Rs 4-7/kWh 

Send a email to [email protected] with your name and charge card number. We will block the card for you, you can apply for new card in the ecogears card dashboard by filling out the apply now form.

The full charging of a battery is due to several factors. This depends on the type of charging station and the car. On average, it takes between 6 and 10 hours to fully charge a battery. If you are on the road and your battery is about to run out, you don’t want to wait for 6 to 10 hours until your battery is full again. In this case, you can use fast chargers. These are often located along highways. With these fast chargers, you can usually charge the battery 80% full within 30 minutes. Of course, you also need a charge card for this.

In India you can charge anywhere with the charge card, also we have added some charging options in Bhutan and neighboring countries.

Card comes for Rs. 199 or 2.7 USD including delivery charges