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EV Charger near you
EV Charger? It’s nearby
Find electric car charging stations near you with the largest aggregator of EV charging station database. With ecomaps, one can locate, navigate, and book EV Charger at one place.
image of electric car charging station near me
image of electric car charging station near me
Know where to charge next.
Ecomap gives you access to India’s largest and most up-to-date network of electric car charging stations nearby. Ecomap detects verified & reliable Electric vehicle charging stations around you.
Ecomaps – EV charger near you
Electric car charging stations near you.
Locate the electric car charging stations near you with  our app and web-app. It’s easy to find electric vehicle charging stations near you using our location and charger filters. Now your daily commute, weekend getaway, or a road trip across India is simple and worry-free.
image of ev charger near me
Multiple devices? We got you covered
India’s first cross-platform EV Charging station finder
Navigate to any nearby electric vehicle charging station seamlessly across multiple devices using our cross-platform station locator.
image of website to find electric car charger near me
Chargers listed
Search filters
CPOs collaborated
EV Charger brands
Ecocharger-EV charging app
Scan. Charge. Go
Download our mobile app to access India’s reliable and convenient EV charging network. Ecocharger EV charging station mobile application allows users to Scan, Charge, and Pay for charging seamlessly from smartphones.
Image of mobile application to find ev chargers near me
What our users got to say:
Souham Pratap
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Always comes handy while travelling, i my drive hyundai kona electric worry-free with ecomap
Vijay giri
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Planing a trip is easy once i know about EV chargers near me. Ecomaps is a game changer.
manisha kumari
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Easy to track my charging status and open ports with the help of ecomap,thanks to the team

EV charging stations near you can be located using a electric vehicle charging station map like ecomap, tata power, and charge hub.

Public EV charging is not always free, however some EV charging companies offer several rebates and coupons which makes ev charging free.

Electric cars usually take around 40-45 minutes to get fully charged. However, time to charge an EV depends on the charger type and vehicle’s battery capacity.

Electric vehicle charging station near you can be located via charging station locator application like ecomaps.

Currently there are 1806 EV charging stations in India spread across 215 Indian cities, with Delhi having the highest number of EV chargers. EV charging stations in India is growing at the rate of 2 charger installation a week. 

Currently Delhi has the highest number of electric vehicle charging stations with 108 installations across the state.