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Electric Vehicles Podcast

EVs are 

the future happening now.

The ecopod is a fun-filled show exploring the transition from fossil-fueled cars to modern sustainable electric vehicles.

Latest Electric Vehicles Podcast

set up electric vehicle charging station India and the requirements for installation of electric vehicle charging station in india

How to set up an EV Charging Station Business in India in 2023?

The Electric Vehicle Sector in India is growing exponentially in recent years due to customer acceptance and Government’s push for EV adoption. EV Charging stations are going to play a crucial role in the overall electrification of the automotive sector in India since these electric vehicles need EV charging stations

Image shows the top electric vehicle stocks in India and an electric car with the stock analysis of electric vehicles in India

Top Electric Vehicle stocks to buy in India by 2022

Highlights: Electric vehicle stocks in India and battery manufacturers are expected to skyrocket after the shift to electric mobility. Major industries to benefit from EVs in India are power companies, battery manufacturers, public transport, and anode manufacturers. The launch of global EV giant Tesla in India marked a new era

Image of three electric cars in India under 5 lakhs

Best Budget Electric Cars in India Under 5 lakhs: Price, Features, Range

There is an ongoing wave of the electric vehicle revolution in the Indian Automotive sector, evidenced by the exponential rise in the sales of electric cars in FY 2023-2024 with total EV registrations of 113,876 units in February 2024, according to the Vahan dashboard. Because of the increasing demand for

EV Podcast Segments:

Electric Vehicle Podcast in India by ecogears
Electric Vehicles
Podcasts on latest electric vehicles in India and GOI’s effort to ease the transition to EVs.
EV podcast in India by ecogears
EV Charging

Discussions on building the largest EV charging infrastructure in the world.

electric car podcast in India by ecogears
Green Energy

Insights and discussions on green energy, to make EVs really green.

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About ecopod

The ecopod is a fun-filled show exploring the transition from fossil-fueled cars to modern sustainable electric vehicles in India. Ecopod EV Podcast recently got awarded as the most influential electric vehicle podcast in India.

We discuss all recent happenings in the Indian electric vehicle sector in our electric vehicle podcast with team of reputed personalities from the domain. Tracking the advancements in green mobility in India with some guests, who really know what is going on in the world of EVs, EV startups, EV policies, and the future of EVs in India.

ecopod is electric vehicle podcast in India
Meet the host

Abhishek has a background in Nano-Biotechnology, and has been working in AWS, and major IoT development arenas. Since the launch of India’s first EV portal, Abhishek has been discussing and sharing knowledge in the EV domain.

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electric vehicle podcast in India host abhishek gautam

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