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Oppo Electric Car 2024: Smartphone Giant’s EV Plans for India

image of Oppo electric car in metallic color
  • The company is expected to launch Oppo electric car in India by mid-2024.
  • Oppo is expected to launch the most affordable EV in India.
  • Company to use its proprietary battery and fast charging technology for electric cars.

Last year, Oppo teased the possibility of introducing an electric car in the Indian market, creating anticipation among EV enthusiasts in India. But now, we have received an official confirmation of this highly anticipated electric vehicle to be launched in mid 2024. Oppo electric car launch inlines with the ongoing trend of electric vehicle launches by tech companies like Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung and many more.

According to exclusive reports and industry insiders, OPPO is actively planning to enter the Indian EV market by filing trademarks for various EV technologies and driverless cars. The company is targeting a launch timeframe between mid 2024 and early 2025. While specifics remain under wraps, this development signifies OPPO’s commitment to capitalizing on the burgeoning Indian EV sector.

The Indian electric vehicle (EV) market is experiencing exponential growth, with a staggering 214% increase in sales figures during the first half of the financial year 2024. A total of 1,40,651 electric vehicles were registered in February 2024, which is comparatively higher than the January figures.


This surge of interest in EVs has attracted the attention of major tech companies beyond the traditional automotive industry, including smartphone giants like OPPO, Samsung and Apple.

Currently, there are no features or hardware details available about the Oppo electric car, but it is expected that company will release a teaser of its electric car in the upcoming months. Speculations suggest that the company might also launch electric scooters, since the electric two-wheeler segment is witnessing significant interest in India due to the launch of popular models like the Ola S1 and S1 Pro.

Just like it did in case of smartphones, Oppo is expected to launch electric vehicles at an affordable price in the mass market segment.

Partnership or In-House Production

It’s unclear whether OPPO will collaborate with established EV manufacturers for production or choose to develop its own EVs in house, considering their R&D in the Li-Ion battery segment. Alternatively, it might outsource the components and make an assembly unit in India to get benefited from the subsidies and policies offered by Government of India for EV companies.

Smartphone Tech Might Translate to EVs

OPPO’s experience in cutting-edge smartphone technology, particularly in areas like battery efficiency and fast charging, could be beneficial for the EV Industry. It will be exciting to see how a smartphone company utilizes its existing expertise to develop a affordable and viable product for the Indian EV sector. Oppo’s always taken a keen interest in developing tech for cars, since it showcased its MagVOOC flash charging series, in-car connectivity, and more during smart china expo.

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