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Tork Kratos electric bike launched in India at 1.40 lakhs and 180 km range.

Tork Kratos electric bike launched in India

On the 75th Republic day of India, Tork Motors introduced a new electric bike Tork Kratos in the Indian market based on the T6X model from the company. Bookings to start immediately post-launch, delivery to begin after some months.

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  • The all-new Tork Kratos electric bike is based on the concept of the T6X Model electric bike, showcased back in 2016 in the month of September.
  • With a sweet riding range of 180 km, the Tork Kraros is launched in India at Rs 1.40 Lakhs.
  • Complete indegenous product with in house developed battery and axial flux.
  • Tork Kratos comes inbuilt with company’s own Tork Intuitive Response Operating System. 

The Indian Electric-Bike market was priced at USD 1.02 million in 2020. Moreover, it is expected to reach USD 2.08 million by 2026 during the period of 2021-2026. Looking at the current scenario of electric bikes in India, on the 75th Republic day, Tork Motors introduced a new electric bike in the Indian market.


The all-new Tork Kratos electric bike is based on the concept of the T6X model car, which was showcased back in 2016 in the month of September, but the newly introduced bike is highly upgraded compared to the T6X after a series of developments and performance upgrades.

Tork Kratos electric bike features:

Tork Kratos Intuitive Response Operating System(TIROS) will be used in the Tork Kratos Electric Bike, which is the company’s own operating system (TIROS). This Response Operating System feature improves the user experience by managing functions like power management, real-time power consumption, data compilation, and range forecasts. 

Additionally, the Tork Kratos EV has some additional functionality like GPS, anti-theft, geo-fencing, and a mobile charging port.

The battery of Tork Kratos is placed below, held by the steel frame that helps in the overall build of the electric vehicle. 

The electric bike comes inbuilt with a telescopic fork and mono-shock for suspension, along with dual disc brakes.

Tork Kratos: Battery, Power, and  range:

The all-new Tork Kratos has an IP67-rated 4 Kwh lithium-ion battery pack which offers provides an Indian Driving Range of 120 km in the real world.

The Tork Kratos comes equipped with an axial flux motor with a maximum power of 7.5 kW and a torque of 78Nm. 

Tork Kratos with its power-packed hardware offers a top speed of 100 kmph.

 Specifications of Tork Kratos electric bike :

  • Battery Capacity: 4 kWh
  • Max Power: 7.5 kW
  • Max Torque: 78 Nm
  • Driving Range: 180 km
Tork Kratos Electric Bike features
Tork Kratos Electric Bike features and specifications.

The Pune-based EV maker has claimed that the Tork Kratos electric bike has gone through a long development phase and it has been made sure that the customer gets a well-developed product.


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Expected Price and booking : 

The expected price of the Tork Kratos is around 1.40 lakh in India. Along with that, the booking for the all-new Tork Kratos EV will begin shortly, but for deliveries, customers have to wait for at least a few months.

Considering the features, Tork Kratos can be a close competitor to some of the electric bikes currently dominating the Indian market. However, much more was expected from the Tork Kratos, considering the delay in launch after rigorous upgrades. 

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