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The Ola S1 and S1 Pro Electric Scooter Finally Ready to be Delivered: December 2021

Image of Ola electric scooter delivery

The first batch of Ola electric scooters is ready to be delivered from December 15’th 2021.  Ola CEO, BHavish Agarwal thanked buyers for the patience-Tweet.

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  • Ola to deliver its electric scooters from 15’th December.
  • The Ola electric scooter has received 1 million reservations so far.
  • Ola CEO, Bhavesh Agarwal thanked buyers for their patience. 

The Bangaluru based mobility firm OLA electric has now finally decided to deliver the electric scooters from December 15. Launched on 15’th August earlier this year, the electric scooters have seen a huge amount of response from the people and can be considered as the most talked-about electric scooters of India recently.


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Although the sale was set to go on from September 8 unfortunately it didn’t happen according to the plan. With delay after delay for almost over three months, the buyers will finally start getting the deliveries from 15’th December.

Bhavish agarwal , ceo of ola electric  has stated that the delivery of ola electric scooters are going to start from December 15
Bhavish Agarwal confirmed the delivery of Ola Electric scooters

The date of launch is confirmed by Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal in his recent tweet. In his tweet, he also thanked people for being patient with all the delays. He also showed the picture of the plant where the first batch of electric scooters is ready to be delivered.

In his tweet, he wrote “Scooters are getting ready. Production ramped up and all geared to begin deliveries from 15th Dec. Thank you for your patience!”

It must also be noted that Ola has received 1 million reservations for Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro. These two variants of electric scooters are on the verge of delivery with an ex-showroom price of Rs 99,999 (for Ola S1) and Rs 1,29,999 (for Ola S1 Pro).

Last November, the company started the test rides in Bengaluru, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata and further expanded to five more cities,  Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mumbai, and Pune.

image of people doing test drive of ola electric scooter in India
Ola electric scooter Test drive in Bengaluru

As of now, the test ride booking slots are filled in almost all the states. The company expects to create more slots in the upcoming days.

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