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Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) launched T.33 supercar at $1.4 million

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) new T 33 supercar

GMA has launched its second supercar, the T.33 with a fully upgraded GMA V12.  The newly launched GMA T.33 is priced at around Rs. 14 crores( US$1.4 million ).

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Highlight :

  • The newly launched GMA t.33 model is an affordable version compared to the T.50 model launched in August 2020.
  • The all-new T.33 is a 2 seater mid-engine configuration and has a minimalistic exterior design.
  • The GMA T.33’s aim is to provide a thrilling driving experience while maintaining a class of comfort.

Gordon Murray Automotive was established in 2007, the company is reputed as one of the ‘great automotive design teams in the World’ to develop an innovative manufacturing technology.


Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has launched its second supercar, the T.33, with passive underbody aerodynamics for the thrill of speed, for which the company is known for. The newly launched GMA T.33 is absolutely affordable version of the brand’s first model, the T.50 launched earlier in 2020.

The all-new GMA T.33 has a traditional 2 seater mid-engine configuration along with that it has a minimalistic exterior design and weighs somewhat heavier and longer than the first GMA supercar model T.50, also it is built on carbon-aluminum monocoque chassis.

“If you can have only one supercar, the T33 is designed to be the one you should have,” said the founder of Gordon Murray Automotive, Gordon Murray.

Further preserving the T50’s status as GMA’s flagship, the T33 uses newly developed passive underbody aerodynamic principles to deliver aero downforce as speeds rise, rather than the T50’s innovative fan system, which works at any speed.

The all-new GMA T.33 ‘s primary goal is to deliver a car that can provide the ultimate driving thrill and engagement behind the wheel, which is much more than just how fast the car can accelerate in a straight line.

Features of the new GMA T.33 :

The newly launched GMA T.33 produces 607 BHP redlining at a  huge 11,100 rpm, also it has a torque of 451 Nm. Furthermore, the new GMA T.33 model is power-driven by a 3.9-liter V12 engine built by Cosworth.

Though it weighs around 1,100 kg which is about the same weight as Mazda MX-5 Miata. 

Apart from this, the T.33  model owns a power-to-weight ratio of 556-hp-per-tonne, about 70 hp which is more than the Ferrari 812 Superfast. 

Price and booking:

The GMA T.33 model supercar will be a limited edition of just 100 units. Besides, each supercar is priced at around Rs. 14 crores( US$1.4 million ), also the delivery of the supercar is said to start off from the year 2024.

Specifications of GMA T.33 :

  • Tank Capacity: 75 Litre
  • Max Power:607 BHP 
  • Max Torque: 451 Nm

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