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ARAI is Developing an EV Fast Charger: Mahendra Nath Pandey

Image of Marendra Nath Pandey, minister of heavy industries announcing its new dc fast electric vehicle charger

The leading automotive R&D organization of the country, ARAI is currently working on DC fast chargers for electric vehicles. As stated by Mahendra Nath Pandey, Minister of Heavy industries.


  • ARAI is developing an fast charger for electric vehicles.
  • The fast charger will be ready to launch by December 2022.
  • Issues related to EV are asked to be discussed with the ministry.

Expected to be ready by December 2022, the Pune-based autonomous institution Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is currently working on making fast chargers for electric vehicles. This news has been revealed by the Heavy Industries Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey during the press conference at ‘Round Table To Promote Electric Mobility’.


While discussing the issue of excess time taken by EV to be charged, Mr. Pandey said “ This is being talked about that it consumes more time (to charge an EV). ARAI has been directed to work on it. In fact, they have developed a prototype of fast chargers, and the product is expected to be ready by December 2022”.

Although nothing is yet known about the features of newly built fast chargers by ARAI, Mr. Pandey confirmed that research is still going on to determine the specific amount of time needed by every category of EVs to be charged.

Image of ARAI dc fast electric vehicle charger launched in India
ARAI DC fast chargers for electric cars

The industry stakeholders were also asked to discuss their issues related to electric vehicles with the ministry. “I have asked the players to discuss and inform about their concerns. I assure them of full support in addressing the issue brought to my notice” the minister further stated.

Earlier in Rajya Sabha, it was stated by the minister that the work is in progress to build 22,000 charging stations across the country. Hence it is hinted that the ARAI-developed fast chargers would be used to installed at those 22,000 petrol pumps.

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