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WardWizard procured land for EV Mega Factory in Gujarat

wardwizard procures land for electric vehicle factory in gujarat

WardWizard Innovations & mobility Ltd. after signing an MoU with the Gujarat government in 2021 for EV development, now purchased 4 million sq. ft. of land to set up a high-end EV research facility for serval EV manufacturers to work and develop under the same roof.

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  • WardWizard purchases land for EV Mega Factory in Gujarat for mass scale EV production and R&D.
  • The land procurement is to  localise and strengthen the supply chain of raw materials for EV manufacturing.
  • The megafactory is expected to provide job to over 6000 jobs in the state 
  • The project to utilise the products of high-speed electric two-wheelers, electric three-wheelers, and R&D.

Post signing an MoU with the Government of Gujarat for the promotion of the EV industry in the state, Wardwizard recently purchased four million sq. ft. of land in Gujarat for mass-scale production of electric vehicles and R&D of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers. 


During the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2021, held in Gandhinagar, both government and WardWizard signed the agreement. According to the MoU, WardWizard will invest in the research and development of electric two- and three-wheelers, set up the motor assembly at its Vadodara facility, and develop ancillaries to manufacture raw materials for EVs.

The major reason for this land procurement is likely for the management of raw materials for manufacturing electric vehicle-related products.

The production of EV-related products and R&D is expected to begin in phases from February 2022. The production support is expected to help the proliferation of the Electric vehicle ecosystem in India with the manufacture of indigenous EV components like electric motor, chassis, steel parts, lithium-ion cell manufacturing unit, lithium-ion battery assembly unit, chargers, controllers. The R&D and the electronics components production center are expected to develop the EV industry in India.

The mega factory is expected to provide jobs to over 6000 jobs in Gujarat. Considering the range-conscious nation of ours, the newly purchased land under the venture is likely to be used for the R&D and mass production of EV-related products. 

Manufacturers are optimistic about the large-scale production of high-speed electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers in the new factory, along with the development of sustainable electric car technology in the near future.

The new factory will act as a combined manufacturing hub for several EV manufacturing companies to set up their individual research facilities in the new premises. All this is done with a vision of mutual exchange of ideas and new R&D under the same roof. Wardwizard as a company shall aid the production process and maintain the supply-chain process, along with the provision of high-end technologies, manpower for research and production purposes.

In October 2021, Gujarat launched the Go-Green Scheme with an aim to promote EVs in the state and reduce fuel prices. Through this Scheme, the Government of Gujarat would mainly focus on the key ways to restore the environment, which as of now is at alarming pollution levels.

Through the scheme, the state’s construction and industrial workers would be provided electric two-wheelers at a subsidized rate.


Any worker who works in the organized sector like an industrial laborer can get a subsidy of 30 percent on the price of the electric vehicle or a subsidy of ₹30,000 whichever is less.

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