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Tesla Cybertruck Interiors Revealed – See images

Tesla cybertruck interior images

Key features include an octagonal steering wheel, minimalist dashboard, and center touchscreen in the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck.

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  • Tesla Cybertruck’s interior images were revealed at a shareholder meeting in Texas.
  • Cybertruck features a plain dashboard with an innovative steering wheel.

In an exciting development, the interior of Tesla’s highly anticipated electric vehicle Cybertruck has finally been unveiled, almost four years after the announcement of the launch of the Tesla Cybertruck by CEO Elon Musk. An image of Cybertruck’s interior has been leaked from a Tesla shareholder meeting held in Texas providing electric vehicle enthusiasts with their first real look at the futuristic cabin of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla Cyber truck interior image
Tesla Cyber truck interior image

Netizens have been waiting for the public display of Cybertruck’s interior for quite some time. There were numerous reports about the production of Cybertruck being on the verge of completion, along with a bunch of spied images circulating the internet.

The leaked photo was posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum and it captured the driver’s perspective. It revealed several surprising features in the Cybertruck which were not known to many. One of the many surprises was the Octagonal steering wheel which gives the EV a highly futuristic design. Twitteratis believe that it is a combination of Tesla’s signature steering design and traditional round steering wheel. Tesla has included buttons in the steering itself for the turn signals instead of sticks behind the steering.

This leak came in a few days after Tesla became the first electric vehicle to win the “Best Selling car in the word” beating Toyota in the game.

Tesla Cybertruck interior dashboard image
Tesla Cybertruck interior dashboard image

The Tesla Cybertruck lacks the usual instrument panel with gauges like most of its other electric car variants like the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. It features a large and flat dashboard which stands out considering the Tesla Cybertruck’s never seen before design. It is unclear whether Tesla has any further plans to improve its interior design or whether this is the final output ready to hit the markets.


View Tesla Cybertruck in Indian Army Avatar

A big center console touchscreen is seen in the middle of the plain dashboard which controls most of the features in the Cybertruck like AC, doors, trunk, and many more. The plain and minimal dashboard lacks charging outlets, air vents, or USB ports for the Sentry cam’s SSD storage for Tesla. Instead, the air vents are cleverly paced in a lining between design elements in the dashboard.


Another intriguing feature observed in the leaked image is the center console, which seamlessly integrates with the Cybertruck’s overall plain and minimal theme. There are many new features added to the Tesla Cybertruck after the launch of the prototype.

As Tesla enthusiasts and EV enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Cybertruck, this glimpse into its interior design brings a renewed sense of excitement. With production seemingly nearing, this long-overdue electric pickup truck promises to revolutionize the electric truck segment.

Will more official details and leaks follow in the coming months? Only time will tell, but ecogears will be keeping a close eye on any developments.

Abhishek Gautam

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Tesla Cybertruck in Indian Army Version
Tesla Cybertruck in Indian Army Version