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Tata Motors released a teaser of Tata Nexon Max EV: Battery, Price, Range

Tata Nexon EV max electric car launch in India

Tata Motors updated the most popular Tata Nexon EV, with a larger battery pack and longer driving range. Updated Nexon Max EV is likely to offer a driving range of 400km on a single full charge.


  • Tata Nexon max will provide a larger battery pack, which will provide a longer driving range.
  • It will have a bigger lithium-ion battery pack of 40Kwh.
  • It comes with some newly added features like ventilated seats, air purifiers, auto-dimming mirrors, etc.

Among the lineup of electric cars scheduled to be launched for the Indian EV market, Tata Motors has released a new teaser of the Tata Nexon Max electric vehicle which will likely be on sale from the 11th of May 2022. It is the extended version of the Tata Nexon EV, that will have a large battery pack, which will eventually deliver a longer driving range.


Tata Motors currently leads the electric four-wheeler segment with 80% domination in the Indian EV market, by selling 3324 units, of electric four-wheelers in 2022.

Tata Nexon Max Battery and Range

Nexon max will have a bigger lithium-ion battery pack of 40Kwh, delivering a range of  400 km in a single charge, which in the real world provides a range of around 320 km. Along with that, it has an electric motor of 136 hp. Tata Motors has extended the Nexon EV’s floor and boot space which will support the larger lithium-ion battery pack. 

Tata Nexon EV max electric car in India
Tata Nexon EV max electric car in India


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Tata Nexon Max Features

Nexon Max is likely to feature some newly added components like ventilated seats, air purifiers and auto-dimming mirrors, rear disc brakes, regenerative braking, and cruise control. Additionally, it will also provide a 7 – inch infotainment touchscreen.

There are no major changes in the exterior part of this EV, except the wheels with 5-spoke alloys. Speaking more about features, the car will get an electric sunroof, as well as a digital instrument cluster and automatic climate control.

Tata Nexon Max Price

The current version of the Tata Nexon EV has priced between Rs 14.24 lakh to 16.85 lakh. Tata Nexon Max is priced at Rs 18 lakh Lakhs (ex-showroom)  in India. Recently, Tata Motors has also launched a new electric commercial vehicle Tata Ace EV.

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