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Tata Curvv Coupe Electric SUV Unveiled: Price, Design, and Features

Tata Curvv Coupe electric car price, range, design, and features

Tata Curvv Coupe is likely to feature Tata’s next-generation steering design and second-generation EV architecture with an extended battery pack to offer the highest range so far by any Tata EV. It is built on the Modular ALFA platform.


  • Tata Motors has sold 15000 units of EVs to date and has over 85% of market shares in the present Indian automobile market.
  • Tata Motors unveiled a new electric SUV, Tata Curvv Coupe EV, likely to be seen on-road by 2024.
  • With an extended battery pack, Tata Curvv offers an excellent driving range of 500 km.

Adding more electric variants to the massive Indian EV market, Tata Motors unveiled a new electric SUV  Tata Curvv Coupe EV for India on 6 April 2022 to fulfill the rising demand for EVs. Tata Curvv is based on Tata’s second-generation EV architecture, which makes it 4.3m long in length compared to the popular Tata Nexon model.


Possibly the long-range version of Tata Nexon EV, the Tata Curvv Coupe is likely to be launched by the start of 2024 in India. Having Tata’s next-generation steering design, Tata Currv Coupe features a sloping roofline and coupe-like design.

Tata Curvv electric SUV car in India specifications and features
Tata Curvv electric SUV specifications

Additionally, it comes with a bigger battery pack and an extended driving range of 500 km. Moreover, the car also supports Vehicle-to-load (V2L) and Vehicle-to-vehicle(V2V) charging support.

Tata Motors is currently leading in the Indian EV market with the highest sales in 2021-2022. The company has sold over 15000 units of EVs to date and has over 85% of the market share in the present Indian electric vehicles market.

Currently, Tata Motors gets registrations of almost 1600 units of EVs per month, overall 19,106 units of EVs are sold in the just-ended fiscal year 2021. In the month of March 2022, Tata Motors reported a sales registration of 3375 EV units.

Tata Curvv Coupe’s Battery and Range

Tata Curvv Coupe electric car in India
Tata Curvv Coupe Electric SUV Design and Features

Tata Motors has not shared much about the battery details yet of the new Tata Curvv electric SUV, but the unveil hints about a bigger battery compared to Tata Nexon EV’s 30.2 kW Lithium-Ion battery. Being based on second-generation EV architecture, Tata Curvv Coupe’s platform holds a bigger battery pack which will likely offer an extended driving range of 500 km.

Tata Curvv Coupe EV Price

The price of Tata Curvv EV starts at Rs. 20 lakh(Avg. ex-showroom) in India. It is likely to be launched by 2024 in India. The new electric offering from Tata will be placed above Tata Nexon EV in terms of design, range, and price. Currently, the Tata Nexon EV is priced at Rs. 14-17.5 Lakh (Avg. ex-showroom) in India.


Tata Curvv Coupe e-SUV Design and features

The all-newTata Curvv Coupe has a very minimalistic and sporty design along with its triangular headlights. The sporty exterior leaves a charismatic presence with hard claddings and dynamic proportions. The company also claims that in the future it may also include an IC powertrain with a petrol or diesel engine.

Tata Curvv Coupe electric car exterior design and features
Tata Curvv Coupe electric car features a sloping roof and coupe-like design

In terms of other features, the car has a sloping roof and a three-layered dashboard which leaves a very minimalist look. It is based on the new generation 2 EV architecture, which will make room for multiple powertrain options. Tata Curvv Coupe is slightly longer in length by 4.3 m compared to the Tata Nexon.

Tata Curvv coupe electric car interior design and features
Tata Curvv coupe electric car interior design and features

Tata Curvv Coupe features two LCD displays: one driver’s display and one large infotainment screen. Major features of the car can be controlled via the infotainment touchscreen.


Having Vehicle-to-load (V2L) and Vehicle-to-vehicle(V2V) charging support, the company claims that the Tata Curvv can charge other EVs as well and it will be able to power other essential electric devices like mobile phones and laptops using the three-pin socket.


Tata Motors said that in order to boost the further adaption of electric vehicles in India, Tata Motors is closely working with other automotive companies and other Tata Group firms, including Tata Power, Tata Chemicals, and Tata Auto Components, Tata Motor Finance, and Croma.

Tata motors have a lineup of electric cars to be launched in the upcoming years including Tata Altroz EV, Tata Tiago EV, Tata Sierra EV, and many more. 

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