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Twitteratis Furious after Ola electric’s delayed delivery and no response

Ola electric late delivery complaint on twitter

A huge disappointment among the buyers of Ola electric scooters can be seen from the wave of tweets and comments on Ola’s official Twitter handle. Buyers are furious about Ola electric late delivery, post the booking and payment confirmation.

At a time when people have just started the shift to e-mobility, the halt in the delivery and constant negligence towards customer queries have made buyers rethink their decision to opt for a trending vehicle. 

Customers are worried about Ola electric late delivery in dispatch and poor response from the Ola customer assistance team. Buyers are questioning the transparency in the system and criteria for dispatch over the tweets. 

man burns ola electric scooter due to no response
man burns ola electric scooter due to no response from the company

Tamil Nadu-based company Ola Electric is an Indian Electric Two-wheeler manufacturer, leading the electric two-wheeler market of India making 9127 units in sales, with 134 %  growth in March 2022, compared to February 2022.

The Problem

Ola’s official Twitter handle is regularly bombarded by hundreds of comments from buyers facing problems as soon as the company uploads a tweet. Having no effective way to connect to the support team, owners are showing their anger over the comment section, which is quite valid considering the lack of response and delay in services.  

Ola electric late delivery complaint on twitter
Ola electric late delivery complaint on Twitter

Buyers are constantly complaining about the delay in dispatch and Ola electric’s late delivery of vehicles for a year. Even after the full advanced payment, customers are made to wait over 6-7 months for the delivery in some regions. 


Abrupt loan cancellations after months of the waiting period is a major lookout that company is still ignoring, leaving the customers to turn back from the EV adoption.

Ola electric late delivery complaint
Ola electric late delivery complaint

Owners have raised complaints about the software bugs in the Battery Management System (BMS), which caused the vehicle to stop roadside after battery level dropped down from 50% to 0% suddenly. 

The latest tweets reveal that helmets and first aid kits were missing from the delivery package, which was initially promised to be provided along with the vehicle.

Some even tweeted about incidents wherein police questioned about number plates, which are not yet delivered after the temporary number expired.

Some customer has also complained about a dead electric scooter, just after six days of purchasing, and the company is not responding to any objection filed by the customer.

Some people have also shown objection to the sudden fall in charge of the Ola Electric scooters from 60% to 0%. Additionally, the display reflects a “Cannot charge battery” warning.

Customers are demanding transparency for the dispatch and loan criteria to avoid unwanted expectations for months. Disappointment caused by Ola to the EV buyers is adversely affecting the EV ecosystem in India. 

The negligence of the company towards the problems faced by customers clearly shows the lack of a proper corporate structure and a poor service and support team.

Lack of Response

Since its launch, Ola electric has been known for its lack of response to any kind of queries. The situation heated up as Ola ignored some of the customers facing problems on-road and even had to push the electric scooters to their homes after the vehicle stopped suddenly.   

Each tweet from the company is bombarded with thousands of comments stating the problems faced by them, and yet they’re no human response, apart from the automatic reply from bots. 

Ola electric complaint due to late delivery of electric scooters
Ola electric complaint due to late delivery of electric scooters

Complaints about on-road halts, battery drops, Ola electric late delivery, loan cancellations, missing parts, and ample more, have been constantly ignored by the company. 

Frustrated by Ola’s support and lack of response, an owner from Maharashtra was seen liting up the electric scooter with petrol. On the other hand, a buyer from Uttar Pradesh used a donkey to pull his electric scooter as it stopped suddenly roadside. 

The communication gap between buyers and the company is the major reason for hatred and obligatory tweets received by Ola. An effective nationwide customer support team and onsite technicians are the only solutions to end these heated tweets against the company. 

Lack of customer assistance along with the recent EV fire incidents in Ola electric scooters can be fatal to the company’s future unless rectified soon. 

All the efforts of the government towards building a green mobility nation will collapse if manufacturers at the root level continue disappointing customers, who are just convinced for going the electric route.

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