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Haryana’s  Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy 2022: Reveals State’s EV Subsidy Rates

Haryana EV policy 2022 offers and subsidies

With the execution of the new EV policies in the state, the Government of Haryana has revealed its new subsidy rates for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles to be sold in the state. This newly adopted Haryana EV policy will gear up the selling of EVs owing to the swelling discount on EVs.

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  • Haryana Government EV policy approved- introduces subsidies on EVs.
  • EVs with different price ranges will attract different subsidies depending on the price range
  • Electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler buyers will also be exempted from certain taxes and charges in the state.

The green signal to the Haryana Government’s EV policy has introduced new subsidy rates for hybrid and electric vehicles in the state. According to the Haryana Government, it will exempt a 15 % subsidy rate for all electric vehicles that ranges between Rs.15 lakh to Rs.40 lakh. Customers purchasing EVs which include- Tata Nexon Prime, Tata Nexon EV Max, and the MG ZS EV, will be highly benefited from the scheme.


Apart from this, commercial EVs like- E-Rickshaw and light electric vehicles will also attract a high incentive which will amount to approximately Rs 25,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively.

Download Haryana EV policy 2022:

State Electric Vehicle subsidies as per Haryana EV policy 2022

Price of VehiclesSubsidies
Hybrid EVs up to Rs 40 lakh.15 percent subsidy, with an upper cap of Rs 3 lakh on the subsidy.
Pure EVs Rs 15L and 40L15 percent subsidy, with an upper cap of Rs 6 lakh on the subsidy.
Imported EVs 40-70L15 percent subsidy, with an upper cape of Rs 10 lakh. (Valid for a limited period).
Electric two and three-wheelers15 percent subsidy. In addition to this, exemption from motor tax and vehicle registration charges.
Vehicle-wise EV subsidies in Haryana 2022
subsidies on Haryana electric vehicle policy
subsidies on Haryana electric vehicle policy

The new Haryana EV policy will also prove to be advantageous for the customers buying imported EVs, but with certain differences. The subsidy on the imported models is quite like introductory offers as the imported models that retail between Rs.15 lakh to Rs.40lakh will include a subsidy of Rs.10 lakh at 15%, but the offer shall be limited for first-time buyers. To summarize the offer- if one is buying the new Audi Electron EV for the second time after already owning a Mini Copper SE Electric, the offer will not to applicable to him/her.


The subsidy rates for Electric Vehicles under the Haryana EV policy also include the EVs under and above Rs.10 lakhs. All the EVs priced below Rs. 10 lakh will attract a subsidy of Rs.75000 and for the EVs above it, a subsidy of Rs 1 lakh will be applied. However, these offers are applied on a temporary basis as the subsidies will be applicable for six months after the announcement of the EV policy.

Additional benefits for the purchase of electric vehicles in Haryana in 2022, offer valid for the first six months:

Electric VehiclesOffers
E-Rickshaw and cartsRs 25,000 off
Electric light motor vehiclesRs 50,000 off
Electric cars below Rs 10 lakhRs 75,000 off
Electric cars above Rs 10 lakh.Rs 1,00,000 off
Offers on electric vehicles according to Haryana EV policy

As a part of the policy, the Haryana Government is also withdrawing the motor tax as well as the registration for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers. This will also accelerate the EV purchase rate in the state of Haryana and that too in a smoother way.

Haryana EV policy 2022 subsidies and offers
Haryana EV policy 2022 subsidies and offers

The Haryana EV policy has multiple objectives which include the promotion of Electric Vehicles in the state, thereby reducing the pollution problem. Additionally, the state hopes to build extensive EV manufacturing, by attracting industry players, which will lead to more job prospects for the state.

The newly approved policy of the Haryana Government seems to be a tremendous factor that would boost EV sales in Haryana. The steps taken by the Haryana Government will surely check the pollution issues and will build a healthy environment in the state.

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  1. Hello, can anyone tell me if the policy is effective as on 11.10.2022. and of the EV below 15 lakh will be applicable for 15% exemption.

  2. we are Dealer for Electric Three Wheeler but not getting our customer subsidies on thee wheeler with LFP Battery, Kindly suggest us pls

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