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Nation’s Capital records the highest numbers of EV sales in just six months

electric vehicle sales in Delhi

The nation’s capital is soon to be EV capital with the tremendous increase in Electric Vehicle sells in Delhi. Such a hike in the sales of Electric Vehicles could inspire the other states to shift to Electric Vehicles.


  • Delhi witnessed the largest number of EV sales from Jan 2022 to till date.
  • The government of Delhi’s ambitious EV policy seems to gear up this inclined rate of EV sales.
  • New record in EV sales to be expected in the nation’s capital.

Delhi seems to be in the process of setting an unbeatable benchmark in the selling of Electric Vehicles as more than 25,890 Electric Vehicles were sold since the beginning of 2022, which is more than the total number of EVs sold in a year since 2018.


One can check out the electric vehicle scenario in Delhi through Delhi’s official EV website.

Out of the total vehicle registered in the nation’s capital till June 30 this year, 9.3 percent of the total are Electric Vehicles. Such an increase in sales is truly commendable as it has increased from 5.6 percent in the whole of 2021.

electric vehicle sales in Delhi
electric vehicle sales in Delhi

Viewing the sales record of Electric Vehicles over the last four years, it can be noted Electric Vehicles have successfully crossed the record just within six months in 2022. The total EVs registered in 2018 was around 20,972 which increased to 23,222 in 2019.

There seems to be a slight declination in 2020 as the pandemic hit all the industrial sectors in an adverse manner and the registration declined to 12,381 but it again took a rapid acceleration in 2021 with approximately 25,814 EV registrations.

The total number of EVs sold in Delhi during 2018 was 21,000, which comprises around 2.9 percent of the total vehicles registered. The percentage increased to 3.6 percent in 2019 while it also experienced a downfall in 2022 as it decreased to 2.9 percent.



Screening the EV sales record in the nation’s capital from the starting of 2022, 9.3% of the total registered vehicles are Electric Vehicles, accounting for around 25,890 EVs, that were sold till June 30.

Focusing on the numbers of EVs sold till June 30, the average number of EVs sold per reaches to approximately 143, which is really a huge number. With such massive sales just in six months, another half of the year is surely waiting to experience a new record in the EV market.

Such an increase in Electric Vehicle sales in the nation’s capital hints at the proper implementation of the Delhi Government’s ambition to make the EVs contribute at least 25% of the total vehicles that ply in the city. It is to be noted that just after Arvind Kejriwal launched Delhi Government’s EV policy on August 7, 2020, the EV sales geared up to a significant level.

One of the officials of the Delhi government commented- “ Initially, the focus was on four wheelers but, the adoption of electric two-wheelers is being promoted in a bigger way because these comprise the bulk of vehicles on Delhi’s roads. If we can convert these to electric, it will help in combating air pollution in a huge way.”

He also commented, “The reason that the sales of EVs have been rising since last year is because the EV policy is now firmly in place and all the promised incentives have been rolled out.”


It is really appreciable on the part of the Delhi Government that such steps are being taken to promote Electric Vehicles. As EVs are the need of the hour to combat the pollution problem, the increase in the Electric Vehicle in the nation’s capital is a positive signal and an inspiration for the other states to rely more on EVs.

Abhishek Gautam

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