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Delhi Government to set up dedicated Electric Vehicle (EV) Cell: Invites applications

Delhi Government's Delhi electric vehicle (EV) cell

Delhi Government to set up Delhi EV cell under DTIDC with a vision to accelerate the implementation of state’s EV policy. Invites applications for several posts in the department.


  • Delhi EV cell will be formed to oversee the implementation of EV policy.
  • EV cells to work under the supervision of Delhi Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation(DTIDC).
  • Delhi Government to set up more than 100 EV cells to increase the adaptation of e-Vehicles in Delhi.

To promote electric vehicles and to accelerate the shift to EVs in the state, the Delhi Government is likely to set up an EV cell consisting of a CEO, and two deputy directors. Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi has invited an application for the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer and a team of experts in the EV domain to do the job.


The Delhi EV cell will be formed as a part of the mandatory guidelines under Delhi’s Electric Vehicle Policy. The Delhi electric vehicle (EV) cell will be under the supervision of the Delhi Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (DTIDC). Apart from serving the infrastructure work of the transport department of Delhi, DTIDC also manages the city’s interstate bus terminal and bus shelter. 

DTIDC has invited applications for the posts to be formed Delhi EV Cell. Apart from the CEO, who will be the manager of the project, the application has a post of two deputy directors and two young professionals expert in the EV domain on a contract basis for two years. The salary for the CEO is expected to be Rs 2.3 Lakhs and that of the deputy directors will be Rs. 2 Lakhs. Young professionals assisting the EV cell will receive a salary of Rs.75000 per month.

Major highlights of Delhi electric vehicle (EV) cell launched in Delhi
Delhi EV cell to carter all the issues regarding the implementation of Delhi EV policy

Delhi’s transport minister stated that the formation of a new EV cell is likely to attract experts in the EV domain to fulfill the state’s electric vehicle vision. The dedicated cell for electric vehicles in the state will welcome any suggestions from experts for the development of the EV ecosystem in the state. 

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Also, the Government has made considerable progress in the past two years post the launch of Delhi’s EV policy through various initiatives such as the introduction of electric buses, single-window facilities to apply for charging infrastructure installation, friendly benefits, and subsidies and reserve e-auto permits for women.

The newly formed EV cell will work closely with the Delhi government to support and accelerate the implementation of the previously launched Delhi Electric Vehicle policy. The EV Cell is likely to oversee the provision of incentives to EV buyers and manufacturers from the allotted funds for EV ecosystem development in the state. Along with that, the cell will work towards the development of EV charging infrastructure by deploying EV chargers in the state. 

The Delhi Government launched the electric vehicle policy on August 7, 2020. The main motive of the policy is to boost the adaptation of electric vehicles across different segments,  especially in the mass-category of two-wheeler, public transport, and goods service. With the launch of this policy, the state government has the vision to make Delhi the “electric Vehicle Capital” of the Country.

In the Union Budget of 2022-23, the Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitaram allotted funds for the expansion of the EV ecosystem and clean mobility in the nation. By 2030, India has set a target of 70% sales for commercial EV, 30% private EV cars,40% buses,80% of 2 and 3 wheelers.

Post the budget 2022-2023, Delhi Government is likely to electrify its state-run transport bus fleet by purchasing more EVs, setting up more than 100 EV charging points for the development of EV charging infrastructure. 

Delhi government welcomes renewable power providers to tie up with the government to devise solutions that will accelerate the shift to electric mobility. 

According to the transport department of Delhi, the EV cells will also help in the deployment of EV charging infrastructure by collaborating with the related departments, devising plans and policies for awareness and adoption of EVs in the state.

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