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Best Tesla Car Cleaning Kits – Interior, Seats, Screen, and leather

Image of Tesla car cleaning kit for model 3, model Y, and model Y with tire clear, glass cleaner, and wash gel

A good Tesla cleaning products kit is a must-buy accessory to keep the exterior and interior of your electric car clean. Tesla interior and exterior cleaners help to retain the original color and shine of the paint and materials.

There are ample Tesla cleaning products available online, but here we have listed the best Tesla cleaning kits after testing them in our in-house Teslas. In this article, we have listed the best Tesla interior, seat, and leather cleaners along with a buying guide and their significance.


What We Cover:

  • Tesla interior cleaner
  • Tesla seat cleaner
  • Tesla screen cleaner
  • Tesla Leather Cleaner

Here’s a list of the best Tesla car cleaning products:

Tesla Cleaning ProductsPrice
Chemical Guys Complete Kit$119
Chemical Guys Starter Kit$39
Armor All Tesla Car Wash Small$21
Armor All Complete Tesla Cleaning kit$34
Aero Cosmetics Waterless Kit$39
Chemical Guys interior cleaner$19
Best Tesla Cleaning Products – Interior, Seats, Screen, Leather

Best Tesla Interior Cleaner

Keeping Tesla’s interior clean is a must to retain the original shine and quality. We tested some Tesla interior cleaners found online to clean the interior of our in-house Teslas and really liked the smooth shine and fragrance it leaves. Out of many we personally recommend the Chemical Guys Tesla Interior cleaning kit, here’s why:

Chemical Guys Tesla interior cleaning kits

Image of Tesla interior cleaner from Chemical guys
Tesla interior cleaner from Chemical guys

Retain original quality with an interior cleaning kit

This Tesla interior cleaning kit is a one-in-all solution for all interior cleaning needs. The non-greasy formula leaves no oily feel to the car’s interior and protects the hard plastics from cracking. It includes two bottles of interior cleaning liquid and a wiper. It works on all kinds of material used in most of the Tesla models including model 3 and model Y.


  • Oil-free and nonsticky formula
  • Retains the original shine and color.

Best Tesla Cleaning Product Kits

We tested some of the complete Tesla cleaning kits which included Tesla interior cleaner, seat cleaner, leather cleaner, and glass cleaner. Here are the two best recommendations:

Chemical Guys Tesla car wash kit

Image of chemical guys tesla car cleaning products
Chemical guys tesla car cleaning products

Complete Tesla car cleaning kit with 14 products

If you have bought a new Tesla and looking to buy Tesla cleaning products that include everything, the Tesla Car Wash Kit from Chemical Guys is a super package that includes a foam gun, wash mitts, microfiber towels, and various other cleaning products.

I loved the foam gun that came along with the Tesla cleaning products. It hooked to my standard hose and produced thick foam for deep cleaning my Tesla Model Y.

Products included in the kit: Wet wax, snow foam, wheel gel, car shiner, glass cleaner, bucket, Foam spray, wash mitt, and applicator.


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Chemical Guys Starter kit for Tesla

image of Tesla car cleaning kit
Tesla car cleaning kit starter pack from Chemical guys

Starter kit with 7 products

The possibility is that you might already have some of the products that are included in the super package, so if you need something affordable and essential to keep your car clean and tidy, Chemical Guys Clean & Shine Car Wash Starter Kit is a perfect solution.

It includes only essential Tesla cleaning products such as car wash soap, gloss enhancer, and a microfiber towel for a shiny finish. It comes with an all-surface interior cleaner for cleaning the dashboard and the seats.

Products included in the kit: Wash and gloss, wheel cleaner, Tesla interior cleaner, wash mitt, and towels.

Best Tesla Seat Leather Cleaner

Dirty seats can be a big turn-off for many people. Keeping the seats clean and tidy is a must to retain the aesthetics and durability of the Tesla leather seats. Here are our tried and tested recommendations to keep Tesla seats and leather clean:

Armor All mini Cleaning Kit

Image of tesla cleaning products from armor all
Tesla cleaning products from armor all

Most popular cleaner for Tesla seats and leather

If you are a car lover, you might already have used Armor All car cleaning products. It is the most affordable and practical cleaning kit to buy for Tesla. This kit comes with a protectant that keeps your car’s paint from fading and cracking.

We tested the tire protectant in our Model Y and found it to be surprisingly good compared to other available products.

Products included in the kit: Wash and wax, tire foam cleaner, Tesla glass cleaner, and Tesla interior cleaner protectant.

Armor All Complete Cleaning kit

Image of armor all complete Tesla car cleaning kit
Armor all complete Tesla cleaning products

Complete Tesla seat and leather cleaner from Armor All

This is a complete Tesla car cleaning kit with all the essential gels and car wash accessories. The wash sponge in the package effectively removes all the sticky dirt from the car’s exterior when combined with the ultra-shine wash and wax.

I bought the complete package specifically for the glass wipes and interior protectant that is perfect for my Tesla dashboard, center console, and leather seats.

Products included in the kit: Tire cleaner, Interior Protectant, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Wash and wax kit, Glass Cleaner, Air Freshener, Tire and Wheel Cleaner, and Wash Pad.

Best Tesla Screen Cleaning Kit

Just like any other touchscreen-enabled device, the Tesla center console screen is prone to fingerprint marking and oily patches making it difficult to view the screen while navigating and driving. We recommend the waterless Tesla screen cleaner from Aero Cosmetics to keep your screen clean.

Waterless Tesla Car wash kit by Aero Cosmetics

Image of waterless tesla car cleaning kit for Tesla electric car
Waterless Tesla car wash kit

Clean anytime, anywhere with waterless Tesla screen cleaner.

A perfect waterless car cleaning kit, the Aero Cosmetics waterless kit cleans and protects the outside and inside of your Tesla electric car anytime and anywhere. The water-based car cleaning kit is free of alcohol and ammonia, thereby protecting the interior shine and exterior paint of your Tesla.

In the past, we used their wax and I personally recommend it for its superior quality and compatibility with Tesla exterior paint.

Products included in the kit: 1 gallon of wash and wax, 1 spray bottle, 4 Microfiber Towels, and a Scrubber

Tesla car cleaning kit buying guide

Since we provided with a lot of good options for Tesla cleaning products, here’s a quick buying guide to select the best kit for you.

Compatibility: Before buying, ensure that the cleaning kit is specifically designed for Tesla electric cars. Get a kit that is safe and protects the car’s paint.

Complete Kit: Instead of getting individual products at a higher price, look for a cleaning kit that offers combo products to cover various cleaning needs under an affordable price range.

Eco-Friendly Formulation: Get a kit that features eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning solutions. Tesla vehicles are known for their commitment to sustainability, so opting for eco-friendly products aligns with the brand’s values while preserving your car’s paint and materials.

Safe for Tesla Surfaces: Tesla cars have unique interior and exterior surfaces, such as the touchscreen display, leather seats, and paint. Ensure that the cleaning kit is safe and gentle on these surfaces to avoid any damage or discoloration.

Significance of Tesla car cleaning kit

Tesla-Specific Formulation: The cleaning products in the Tesla Car Cleaning Kit are made especially for Tesla’s paint and material, ensuring optimal results.

High-Quality Cleaning: The kit includes high-quality cleaning products that remove dirt and dust from the car’s surfaces.

Gentle on Surfaces: The cleaning solutions are designed to be gentle on Tesla’s unique interior and exterior surfaces, preventing any damage or scratching that would be caused by using normal cleaning gels.

Eco-Friendly Formulation: Tesla is known for its commitment to sustainability, and the cleaning products in the kit are typically made with eco-friendly ingredients, aligning with Tesla’s ethos.


Which is the best car cleaning kit for Tesla?

A cleaning kit specific to Tesla helps to retain Tesla’s original shine and color. Kits from Chemical Guys and Armor are all highly popular cleaning kits considering their affordability and compatibility with Tesla models.

Can leather cleaner be used on Tesla Seats?

Leather cleaners can be used on Tesla seats considering they are oil-free and leave a non-greasy surface.

What is the best way to clean the Tesla interior?

Tesla’s interior is made up of plastics and carbon fiber, so a waterless interior cleaning product is a better way to clean the Tesla interior.

Is it okay to car wash a Tesla?

Yes, Tesla can be cleaned in a regular car wash considering that it is a touchless car wash that does not use soaps and chemicals above the pH level 13.

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