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Toyota bZ3 Electric Sedan is the rival of the Tesla Model 3

A Toyota bZ3 electric car in India

The all-new Toyota bZ3 electric sedan is Toyota’s 2nd born EV which is likely to deliver a driving range of 600 km at a single full charge


  • Toyota bZ3 is developed based on the concept of “Family Lounge”, to provide comfortable interior space.
  • Toyota bZ3 EV is likely to provide a driving range of 600 km.
  • It features a digital Island system with an integrated infotainment screen.

The automotive giant Toyota has recently announced the second model of the Toyota bZ series, the Toyota bZ3. The Toyota bZ3 electric sedan was built in collaboration with BYD and FAW Toyota.

Toyota bZ3 EV Features :

Toyota bZ3 electric car is a 5-seater spacious car with super comfortable seating. It features a wheelbase of 2880 mm. The length, width, and height of the electric sedan are 4,725 mm, 1,835 mm, and 1475 mm respectively, which is relatively larger than Tesla Model 3.

A Toyota bz3 electric car features and specifications
A Toyota bz3 electric car features and specifications

Aiming to provide a comfortable traveling experience and sufficient interior space, Toyota bZ3 is developed based on the concept of a “Family Lounge”.

Talking about the interior, the digital Island system of the Toyota bZ3 has an integrated infotainment screen, which adds links to wireless charging and other multimedia.

Talking about the exterior, With a Cd value of 0.218, the vehicle has top-notch aerodynamics aided by flat door handles, and aluminum wheels to reduce air resistance. The bumper corners are for the airflow and air guides.

A white Toyota bZ3 electric car's exterior images
Toyota bZ3 electric car’s exterior images

Toyota’s Family Lounge: Luxury Interior

Toyota stands out from the rest by focusing on comfortable interior space with state-of-the-art digital features. Toyota bZ3 is developed with a people-centric design to offer drivers and passengers the utmost safety and comfort, company calls it Toyota’s Family Lounge concept.

A Toyota bZ3 electric car's interior
A Toyota bZ3 electric car’s interior

A tray-type console concept with a large center display is integrated into the digital island system like Tesla electric cars. With advanced smartphone and other digital device pairings, the vehicle has advanced wireless charging functionality.

Several functions can be controlled via the center control:

  • Trunk closure
  • Window movements
  • AC
  • Voice Assistant
  • Lights
  • and many more



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Toyota bZ3 EV Battery and Range :

The Toyota bZ3 electric Sedan gets a combination of BYD’s lithium iron LPF battery and lithium iron phosphate battery, which is designed to retain approximately 90% of its charging capacity after ten years.

Toyota bZ3 EV is likely to provide a driving range of 600 km.

Toyota Motor Corporation has not yet revealed the specific specification of battery capacity, powertrain, charging times, and performance.

Some additional features developed and designed by the company specifically for this car, like battery structure, cooling, control, and safety monitoring systems make it a high-quality and advanced electric car, which is reliable and safe.

Toyota-Suzuki EVs for India

While Toyota is competing with Tesla with state-of-the-art EVs, most of them are not ready for the Indian market. To cater to the Indian market, Toyota with its partner company Suzuki has plans of introducing EVs for the Indian weather and road conditions. The upcoming electric SUV from the joint venture, based on a 27L platform, is likely to be a mid-size SUV.

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