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NexGen Launches India’s Cheapest Electric Scooter at Rs 36,990

Image of NexGen Energia's electric scooter on Indian roads in red color

Considering the demand for affordable electric scooters in India, NexGen Energia launched India’s cheapest electric scooter at a starting price of Rs 36,000. It is likely to get a battery pack of 60V 42Ah, offering a range of 110 km on a single charge which takes around 3-4 hours.

NexGen Energia is a Noida-based company focused on manufacturing affordable electric vehicles for the Indian market. This launch of the most affordable electric scooter in India aligns with NexGen Energia’s vision of ensuring a cleaner future by promoting affordable micro commute options for Indian consumers.

The company’s focus area extends beyond just Nexgen Energia electric scooters, it is also involved in electric cycles and electric mopeds.


The competitive price tag of Rs 36,990 makes NexGen’s electric scooter a compelling alternative to traditional ICE vehicles, and a direct rival to other electric scooters in India under 50,000 such as Ujaas Energy eGo La, Gemopai Miso.

It features some robust functions such as anti-theft alarms and a USB charging port. To further enhance customer satisfaction, the company added a 1-year warranty on the vehicle and 3-year warranty on the electric scooter’s battery.

Key Highlights of NexGen Energia’s electric scooters:

Battery Capacity60V 42Ah
Range120 km
Charing time3.5 hours
Top Speed55 kmph
Motor TypeHub Motor
Key Highlights of NexGen Energia electric scooters

The company’s move to launch this electric scooter in the mass market segment opens doors for a wider audience to consider electric mobility, thereby accelerating the adoption of EVs in India.

NexGen Energia’s chairman, Piyush Dwivedi, discussed the company’s commitment to make electric vehicles a practical option for every Indian. He states that every company should add at least one affordable electric scooter in the mass market segment, for people to understand the benefits of electric vehicles.

NexGen’s mission goes beyond offering affordable prices; it signifies a dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

NexGen Energia identifies the growing demand for electric vehicles in India and aims to capitalize it with affordable options. The company projects overall sales of Rs 550 crore in 2024. Furthermore, they are inviting interested entities to set up a dealerships all over India.

This rapid nationwide expansion strategy by NexGen is expected to generate significant employment opportunities within the EV sector, with an estimated 20,000 direct and indirect jobs.

NexGen Energia doesn’t stop at affordable electric scooters. The company has plans to enter the electric car market as well as well. They are focussing on launching mass-market electric cars in India under Rs 5 Lakh by 2025. NexGen Energia’s vision has the potential to disrupt the Indian EV market, bringing revolution across different vehicle categories.

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