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Hyundai to recruit 44,000 employees for electric vehicles

Hyundai's electric vehicle team near a electric car from Hyundai

Hyundai has turned on its boosters for the electrification of mobility by announcing a game-changer plan to recruit 80,000 new employees over 3 years. Of these, 44,000 new employees will be involved in Hyundai’s electric vehicles arm.

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The heart of Hyundai’s electric vehicles business strategy is hiring a skilled workforce for the electric future. The mass recruitment drive by Hyundai for the R&D of EVs highlights its commitment to electric vehicles and creating an ecosystem around them.

This is in line with Hyundai’s recent announcement of its ambitious three-year strategy for the development of Hyundai electric vehicles. According to the announcement, the company will invest $35.5 billion, to build new research and development (R&D) facilities and production lines specifically for for electric vehicles. This plan is introduced with a vision for mass production of electric vehicles to meet the growing demand for EVs.


A huge portion of the investment will be used for the R&D of electric vehicles to develop software-defined vehicles (SDVs) and newer battery technology. Hyundai is keen on building a dream team for SDVs since it seamlessly integrates EV hardware and software for enhanced range and safety features.

Currently, Hyundai offers two electric vehicles: The Hyundai Kona electric, and Ioniq 5.

The development of battery technology is highly prioritized in this strategy for Hyundai electric vehicles as the newer technology will significantly reduce the charging times and offer a better range.

Hyundai’s aggressive moves to accelerate the transition of mobility patterns indicate its desire to lead the global EV market in the upcoming years. By pouring in huge investments and mass-recruiting employees to develop newer EV technologies, Hyundai is all set to shape the future of mobility.

Abhishek Gautam

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