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Upcoming Electric Vehicle Events India in 2021- EV Expo India 2021

upcoming electric vehicle events and exhibitions in india in 2021 along with major ev expo

Electric vehicle events in India and expo provides an opportunity to showcase the latest technological advancements and connect EV owners, manufacturers, startups, and EV enthusiasts to each other.

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These EV events are a must-attend for EV enthusiasts, manufacturers, and startups. These upcoming electric vehicle events provide a platform to learn, promote and network with national and international companies in the EV industry.

list of upcoming electric vehicle events and exhibition in India in 2021
list of upcoming electric vehicle events and exhibitions in India in 2021

Some of the major upcoming electric vehicle events and shows in India 2021 :

  1. EV Expo 2021
  2. WESD Global conference and expo
  3. Smart Mobility Expo
  4. Green Vehicle Expo
  5. Power2Drive India 2021
  6. EES India 2021
  7. The smarter E India
  8. RideAsia EV Conference
  9. EV and Battery Tech India Summit
  10. Battery India Summit

EV Events 2021

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Find below the details of major upcoming electric vehicle events india/ EV events/ EV Show/ EV summit/ EV conference/ EV exhibition/ EV expo/ EV training in india happening in 2021.

EV Expo 2021

6-8 August 2021

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India 110001

EV Expo is the biggest electric vehicle exhibition in India which will be held in India’s capital city Delhi. The 11th edition of EV Expo will provide a platform for networking with major EV Giants and startups. It is expected that in the 11th EV Expo, more than 100 Indian and international EV companies will show their latest R&D and advanced products. 

This EV expo 2021  is supported by the Ministries of Road Transport and Highways, and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), and ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology.

Check: EV Expo 2021

image of EV Expo to be held in Delhi one of the upcoming electric vehicle event in India
EV Expo 2021

WESD Global conference and expo

22 September 2021

Virtual Expo

5th global energy storage conference and virtual expo will be held virtually to commemorate the World Energy Storage Day(WESD) on 22 September. This ev event in India in 2021 is expected to attract global participation with an intent to facilitate bilateral trade, market development, and new research and innovation.

Check: WESD Global conference

Smart Mobility Expo 2021

26-28 October 2021

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India 110001

The annual electric vehicle event in India, Smart Mobility Expo, Delhi will be held along with two major EV events namely Trafficinfratech Expo and Parking Infratech Expo.

Smart mobility expo will focus on futuristic sustainable mobility systems and provide a platform for connected and autonomous electric vehicles, payment modes, and the use of technology like IoT, data flow, and cloud services in the EV sector. This EV Exhibition is supported by Niti Ayog, National Highway Authority of India, and  the Ministries of Road Transport and Highways

Check: Smart Mobility Expo

Green Vehicle Expo

29-29 November 2021

BIEC, Bangalore, India

Green vehicle expo aims to bring together Major electric vehicle spare parts, components, AI technology, and other EV-related businesses. This electric vehicle event in India is a great platform to connect face-to-face with EV suppliers and to choose the right partner that fits your business needs. This electric vehicle summit 2021 is a great place for exhibitors to generate leads and get real-time feedback from industry experts and clients.

Check: Green Vehicle expo

Power2Drive India 2021

14-16 December 2021

Mumbai, India

Debuted as an autonomous exhibition, Power2Drive is India’s major exhibition for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure solutions. This EV exhibition aims to help companies to develop and distribute technologies, solutions in the Indian EV sector. This electric vehicle event should be on the to-visit checklist of EV enthusiasts, Ev startups, suppliers, and electric vehicle companies.

This Ev expo will be held in parallel to Intersolar and ees India, 2021

Check: Power2Drive 2021

EES India 2021

14-16 December 2021

Mumbai, India

EES India is a major electrical energy storage exhibition in India. The electric vehicle charging event, ees India will focus on EV batteries, electrical energy storage technologies, and systems attracting investors, utilities, installers, manufacturers, and project developers in the EV sector from all over the world. It will be held in parallel to Intersolar India and Power2Drive India.

Check: EES India 2021

The smarter E India 2021

14-16 December 2021

Bombay exhibition center, Mumbai, India

With 200 exhibitors around the globe and catering to more than 11,000 visitors, Smarter E is one of the notable electric vehicle exhibitions in India. This EV event is an innovation hub for the new energy world. This major electric vehicle event will showcase the interaction of solar, energy storage, and EV industry.

Smarter E EV event in India aims to bring together local experts and major stakeholders in the EV industry.

Check: The smarter E India 2021

RideAsia EV Summit 2021

26-28 Feb 2022

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

With more than 400 exhibitors and 2000+ top brands Ride Asia is a major EV event in India catering to both B2B and B2C.

This electric vehicle event in India aims to attract dealers, companies, and EV entrepreneurs to connect with each other and discuss new business opportunities in the E-Bikes, Cycles, Sports, and Fitness industries. The Rise Asia EV expo aims to spread awareness about electric vehicles and updates about the latest advancements in the EV sector from different startups.

Check: RideAsia EV 2021

EV and Battery Tech India Summit

23-15 March 2022

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 110001

This electric vehicle exhibition to be held under Transport India Expo and Smart Cities Expo is one the Asia’s largest trade fairs and expo. This EV event as a part of the Transport India expo will showcase the major advancements in the electric vehicle industry and the solutions to electrifying public transportation. Smart parking and autonomous electric vehicles will be the center of discussion.

Check: EV and Battery Tech India Summit

Battery India Summit

20-22 June 2022

Marriot, Bengaluru

India’s largest electric vehicle battery manufacturers exhibition showcases battery manufacturing and recycling equipment. This two-day electric vehicle conference will focus on advancements in battery technology, BMS, charging infrastructure, and connecting the buyers and sellers.

Check: Battery India Summit

Upcoming Electric Vehicle Events in the world | Electric vehicle expo | ev shows

Some of the major EV events happening around the world in 2021 are:

  1. The IAA Mobility 2021, Germany
  2. Move 2021 Exibition, London
  3. World battery Industry Expo, China
  4. EVM Asia 2021, Kuala Lumpur
  5. Advanced clean transportation expo, California
  6. EV Summit 2021, England
  7. Fully charged LIVE 2021, England
  8. The battery show North America, Michigan
  9. Battery Tech Expo, Gothnburg
  10. ICA Summit, Munich

Published along with ChargeNGo, the largest EV charging infrastructure provider in India.

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FAQ on EV Events India

What are the upcoming electric vehicle events in India?

Some of the major electric vehicle events in India are EV Expo 2021, Smart Mobility Expo, Power2Drive, and Ride Asia.

How to promote electric vehicle startups?

Electric vehicle startups can be promoted in major EV events in India like EV Expo, smarter E, Ride Asia, Power2Drive.

What are the exhibitions and events for electric vehicle startups?

Electric vehicle startups need a platform to showcase the latest advancements in a bigger platform like ev expos and events like smarter E, Power2Drive, Smart Mobility Expo.

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