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Ola Meets a Production of Approximately 1000 Ola Electric Scooters per Day: OLA Electric

new ola electric scooter delivery

Ola’s CEO confirms that the company has started producing nearly 1000 Ola electric scooters per day to meet the demands of its customers and to open a new purchase window.


  • Ola claims a production of apparently 1000 Ola electric scooters in a day tp cope up with the Delivery Date.
  • The company’s CEO confirms the acceleration in the production capacity and assures to be effective in meeting customers demand.

Bangalore-based ridesharing company, Ola electric has now started to produce nearly 1000 scooters per day with a hope to accelerate its delivery to its customer and also to open a new purchase window for the next batch of its S1 and S1 pro Ola electric scooter.


Ola’s CEO, Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal recently disclosed the news through his Twitter handle where he wrote- “Futurefactory now producing almost 1000 Ola electric scooters a day. In the pic below: production just for today so far! Opening up purchase window for remaining customers soon. Will share.”

Ola EV has its manufacturing facility named “Futurefactory” in Tamil Nadu. With a total space of 500 acres, this EV facility promises to roll out 20 lakh electric scooters every year in the beginning phase. 

Ola had previously affirmed an order of more than 9000 booking of its S1 and S1 pro ola electric scooter as of now. Confirming this huge order, Mr. Bhabish Aggarwal said that all the orders were placed online and the company has dispatched all these orders.


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Such an announcement of a hike in production stands to be a contradictory statement as reports claim that Ola was grappling to produce even 150 units a day. The report also claimed that the company was facing an interruption in manufacturing. In addition to this, Ola electric’s body shop is functioning at half capacity and its paint shop is still in construction.

Its a great step taken by Ola to increase their production to such a huge amount but the ongoing reports create a contradiction to the claims made by Ola. However, if the claims are true then it might bring a revolution in the world of EVs, especially electric scooters.

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