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Order EV Charge Card
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Ecopass- Ecogears Electric Car charge Card features :

  • Access to more than 2000 Electric car charging points in India with EV charge card India.
  • Online insight into charging points availability in India and cost of charging your car.
  •  Fair electric car charging rates.
  •  Fast charging at no extra costs.
  • All kinds of electric vehicle chargers.
  • 24X7 EV helpdesk in India.
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How it works?

  • Locate the charger.
  • Plugin the connector.
  • Swipe the RFID card in the scanner.
  • Enjoy the charge.

More Features

  • The electric vehicle charging card helps users to start and end charging and find the nearest electric vehicle charging station via the QR scanner
  • The RFID card can be scanned in any of the major Electric Car chargers across India for seamless charging.
  • The card is validated for three years, after it expires users can re-apply for the same in the ecogears dashboard.
  • One can find the electric car charging station in India across many location s like malls, gas stations, or public EV chargers. Check the ecomap for the nearest EV chargers near you.
  • If you apply for the card today, you can expect the delivery across India within 7-8 working days depending on your location.
  • EV chargers are quite limited for now in India, and seeing the situation it is very crucial to have a charge card so as to access all the benefits from being an exclusive eco card member.
  • Ecocard holders get quick and prior location-based information on whether which charging port is open for charge and the one that is occupied.
What is Ecopass?

Ecopass is an RFID-enabled electric car charge card to charge and scan your electric car. Ecopass gives access to ECOMAP- a nationwide electric vehicle charger locater.
Ecopass gives access to EV charging stations and slot booking facilities.

How long does it takes to deliver an ECOPASS?

It normally takes around 7 days to deliver your ecopass within India.

Where to find nearby electric vehicle charging station for my electric car?

One can find a nearby electric vehicle charging station by quickly scanning the QR code at the back of ECOPASS and click Locate.