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Ecomap – electric car charging stations near you in India

Ecomap by ecogears is the largest portal for finding the electric vehicle charging stations near you in India, powered by Place to plug map API. With the powerful tool, one can find the EV chargers nearby from top-rated electric vehicle charging station companies and manufacturers in India. Find all the available electric car charging stations near you, and travel hassle-free in India. Use the map on our website and discover the nearest place to charge your electric car.

Ecomap uses location tags to find the nearest electric vehicle chargers. Find all the electric car chargers in India and map out your journey beforehand for a hassle-free EV journey.

How many electric vehicle charging stations are there in India?

Currently, there are around 1000 electric car charging stations in India. This scenario is drastically changing with the widespread popularity of electric vehicles in India. EV charging stations in India have started to boom after the launch of Tesla in India.

And the total number electric vehicle charging station in india is expected to sum up to about 5000 by end of 2025.

How much time it takes to charge a electric car?

TIme to charge an electric car depends on the vehicle type and the inbuilt battery capacity. Typically most EVs get charged to about 2kWh in 60 minutes. And with a fast charger it can take up to 30 minutes for the vehicle to get a minimal charge to get enrouted. Find the nearest electric car charging statin to find out the minimum time required to charge your EV.

How to open an electric car charging station in India?

Electric car charging station business is delicensed in India. It is hassle-free to start an EV charging station. One can start an electric vehicle charging station startup with minimal investment.


Where to find electric car charging station near me ?

If you donot have a home charging station you have to rely on the external charging network for the hassle free weekend trips. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Plan trips with ecomaps by scaning electric car charging station enroute.

With the current situation in India, EV chargers are less, but the numbers are growing as people are becoming more and more cautious about climate and switching to electric vehicles on a large basis. Currently, one can find electric vehicle chargers around some malls, ecoclubs, some home chargers placed for rent .