By Abhishek Gautam

June 24, 2023

Why Consumers are not Opting for Electric Vehicles in India


India is a price-sensitive nation. On average, electric cars in India costs around Rs 8 lakh to Rs 15 Lakh, which is comparatively higher than the ICE vehicles.


High Initial Cost

Experts believe that range anxiety in customers due to the lack of charging infrastructure in India is the major barrier for EV switch.

Range Anxiety


There is no dedicated financing structure for the purchase of electric cars in India as well as the charging station set up.

EV Financing


Being a new industry, the electric vehicle technology is changing rapidly. This leads to the potential concerns about the resale value of EVs.

EV Resale value

How much you can save by buying EVs?

Several subsidies and schemes are available to offer EVs at an affordable price in India such as FAME II and PLI scheme.

Current Scenario 


Currently there are around 2,987 DC fast charging stations in India, and the number is increasing exponentially week.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


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