Story by: Abhishek Gautam

Date: 21 June 2023

Unveiling India's largest EV Cell Plant


Ola Electric has initiated the construction of its 115-acre Ola Gigafactory in Tamil Nadu on  21 June 2023.

Ola Gigafactory


Initially the Ola Giga Factory is expected to have a production capacity of 5GWh, but it expected to expand upto 100GWh by 2024.

Annual Capacity


This is the second EV factory of Ola Electric in Tamil Nadu, after Ola FututreFactory, located in Pochampalli, Tamil Nadu.

Second Factory


Ola's CEO, Bhavish Agarwal installed the first pillar of Ola Gigafactory along with team of engineers on 21st June 2023.

First Pillar


With the launch of India's largest EV battery manufacturing factory, Ola Electric would provide job opportunities for over 3,000 people skilled in the EV domain.

Job Opportunities


Currently, Ola Electric offers three electric scooter models in India – Ola S1, Ola S1 Pro, and the Ola S1 Air. Ola aims to lower the price of these scooters further by indigenously manufacturing EV components in India.

Ola electric scooters


Ola electric is expected to partner with global leaders in the field of renewable energy and battery technology to offer mass-market vehicles for India.

Ola's Future plans


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