Locate EV Chargers Nearby Before Buying EVs: See How

Locate EV Chargers Nearby Before Buying EVs: See How

By Abhishek Gautam

July 30, 2023

How to locate EV chargers?

Before buying an EV it is must to research the EV charging infrastructure in the locality. One can do that by scanning over charge point aggregator platforms. Here are some of them.

Google Maps Station Finder

SImple search " EV charging stations nearby" in google to get a list of all available EV chargers near you. Google maps offers filters for charger types and availability.


eAmrit Charger Locator

eAmrit is the largest aggregator of verified EV charging stations launched by the government of India in 2021. It shows nearby EV chargers from several GOI approved CPOs.



Ecomaps is the oldest EV charger aggregator platform in India, showing chargers verified by EV owners visiting the station, It shows real time availability and includes a feature to book and review stations.


Tata Motors Locator

Originally launched to ease Tata electric car owners find nearby EV chargers, Tata Motors charging station locator now hosts more than 1877 locations nationwide,


E4EV Station finder

E4EV charging station provider includes a feature in its app to detect nearby EV charger and book it beforehand. E4EV is currently leading the EV charging segment in India.


Statiq Charging Map

Statiq includes a EV charging station map in its app that shows all nearby slow and fast EV chargers for 2W and  3W. Statiq hosts only its own EV chargers in their app.


Jio BP Station Locator

After successfully venturing into the EV charging segment, Jio-Bp includes a EV charging map that shows all nearby EV charging stations installed by their partner companies, mostly in petrol pumps.


Easily Set Up EV Charging Station Business in India.