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Electric Car Buying guide 2023 - Things to consider

Thinking of buying an electric car?  Understand the key factors that will guide your decision-making process.


Electric cars often come with a higher price tag due to their complex technology and expensive battery packs. So Keep your budget in mind. 



Research the exact percentage of incentives and tax benefits available to maximize your savings.

Tax and Incentives

Discover the potential cost-saving benefits offered by the government

Learn about the software updates in electric vehicles to performance and introduce the latest technology. Find out if the manufacturer offers free software

Software Updates


Learn about electric motors and battery packs available in electric cars. Ensure you choose a model with specifications that meet your requirements



Find out the real-life driving range of the electric car. It determines how far you can travel on a full charge. Choose a car which meets your daily driving needs.

Driving Range

Longer battery life means lower maintenance costs, so consider battery life when evaluating different electric car models.

Battery Life


Understand the availability and accessibility of charging stations in your area before making a decision.

Charging Infrastructure


Explore the different charging options available, such as fast-charging, standard charging, and slow charging. Find out how fast it gets charged using a home charger.

Charging Options

Electric cars have fewer moving parts, but their repairs can be costly, and spare parts may come with a higher price tag compared to ICE cars.

Maintenance Cost


Explore the available electric car options from Hyundai, Tesla, Rivian, and Ford.  Choose the brand and model that fits your budget and requirements.

Brand and Model

Opt for a brand that provides a good warranty, installation of a wall charger, and reliable service centers for a smooth ownership experience.

After-sales Service and Support


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