7 Affordable electric cycles under 50000

By Abhishek G

April 3, 2024

Image credits: Ecogears file

Electric cycles offer perfect blend of exercise and assisted pedaling during short urban rides. Here are some of the best electric cycles under Rs. 50,000: 

Budget-friendly electric cycle from Motovolt gets a removable Li-Ion battery offering a range of 35 km.

Motovolt ICE

Price: ₹22,000

Hero Lectro H5 is the most affordable electric cycle from Hero electric offering an assisted pedaling range of 40 km

Hero Lectro H5

Price: ₹25,999

EMotorad X2 is among India’s few long-range electric cycles, providing 50 km of range.

Emtorad X2

Price: ₹38,000

Hero Lectro C3 is the recently updated variant of the Hero Lectro range offering 45 km of range

Hero Lectro C3

Price: ₹36,999

The Motovolt Kivo offers a decent 50 km range with 4 hours of charging and a removable battery for swapping.

Motovolt Kivo

Price: ₹39,999

Hero Lectro C5 offers the longest range from the list with 60 km on a single charge

Hero Lectro C5

Price: ₹42,999

Nexzu Rompus Plus gets a removable Li-Ion battery offering a riding range of 60 km on a single charge.

Nexzu Rompus Plus

Price: ₹45,000

These are a few of the many affordable electric cycles in India. However, consider your riding style, desired range, and budget while buying an electric cycle in India. 

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