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electric scooter rental in india and electric bike rental in india

Locate Scooters

Use ecomap to find nearby electric scooters rental in India.

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Scan QR Code

Using the app or the website, simply scan the QR code located on the handle bars to unlock the electric vehicle.

Enjoy your ride

You are ready for an eco-ride with ecogears. Remember to wear a helmet and obey traffic rules. Electric scooter on rent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do i find a ecogear near me ?

To find an ecogear, simply open the ecogear app or webapp. You will be taken to the map screen, showing all available ecogear electric scooters around your locations.

How do i unlock a ecogear?

To unlock an ecogear, open the ecogear app and scan the QR code in the vehicle. The vehicle will be unlocked automatically.

Is electric scooter rental legal in India?

Yes, electric scooter on rent is legal in India with the minimum age of riding being 18 years.

Where do i find other electric vehicle rental in India?

Electric scooter rental india and electric vehicle rental in India is available in ecopod by ecogears.

Do i need a license to ride an ecogear?

No such special license is needed to ride a light electric vehicle in a monitored surrounding.

How do i charge an ecogear?

If your gear runs out of charge, simply tap the charge button in the app to locate the nearest charging station.

Where to find electric bike for rent in Delhi?

One can find electric scooter on rental in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru and many locations using ecogears and ecomap.

How much do scooters cost to rent?

Electric scooter rental costs around 4rs/km average basis. 

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